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Calendar of Events

Please RSVP It is a really good idea to RSVP to whomever is putting on an event, It helps us to plan times, awards, and lots of other behind the scenes things that make an event run smoothly, most people do not think about these things unless they have helped sponsor an event. Contact the person in charge of the event you are going to attend. We try to put this information on the flyers, but you can always contact one of our officers.

*BYOL* = Bring Your Own Lunch (& Chairs to our events so you can socialize with everyone at lunch time).
Regardless of the event being held, visitors and spectators are
ALWAYS welcome FREE of charge.
Please come and check us out!  Don't forget your chairs & lunch

Members $15.00 per Event. A FAMILY membership covers all Family members at the event for $15.00.

Non-Members $20.00 per Event

NOTE: At events where food is part of the event, the Event Fee covers all. If you are coming and NOT bringing food but are there to eat the cost is $5.00 per person.
Become a member and save $5.00 at each event!

2019 Events

Gates open at 9:00am, unless otherwise marked, games/drives start at 10:00. Please be courteous, RSVP  and be ready to drive/ride on time.

NOTE this schedule is made in advance and could change. Check our Events page for the most up to date info.

We have tentatively picked dates for next year as follows:

Jan 1st 2019 New Year’s Day Hors d’ Oeuvre Drive at Paradox

Jan 20th 2019 General Meeting at the Sagebrush in Mocksville 2:00pm back room (It has been booked)

February 16th Valentine Drive Faith to host

March 16th Either Tricia or Tommy to host an event Also we are going to try to arrange a FREE Clinic with the money raised at our Silent Auction at the Picnic at Marilyn’s this past July. We would like to do this BEFORE the show season starts.

April 13th Either Tricia or Tommy (which ever works best for Tommy, this month or next)  to host an event (Easter is April 21st)

May 18th Polly will host a Trivia Drive

June 15th our Breakfast Drive

July 20th Picnic at Marilyn & Jays (no horses)

August we might try to go to Blowing Rock again

September & October are open for suggestions

November ? Pat Hauser? Rivertrail Farm

December 1st Christmas Party/Dirty Santa (1st Sunday of the month)

Jan 1st 2020 New Year’s Day Hors d’ Oeuvre Drive

Jan ??? 2020 General Meeting at the Sagebrush in Mocksville 2:00pm Back room.

** NOTE From Price Story CCC President about attending their events.   Hi Tricia.  Your members are certainly welcome to come join in any of our activities that are open and the closed events if they are members.  Are ya’ll 100 miles away?  that would give you a $15 membership.  the only problem with you coming anytime to anything is insurance.  We have unlimited member only events but have to pay extra for the open to the public events. 

*BYOL= Bring Your Own Lunch & chairs!*

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