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General Club Rules

(January 15th 2006 Revised October 28, 2010)

  • NO Alcohol or drugs
  • NO Horseplay
  • At EVERY event, drivers and navigators will need to sign a Liability & Safety release for the farm holding the event. As of Nov, 2006 we have a WWDC waiver, once signed and on file with the Secretary, is good for ALL WWDC Events until you revoke it with 30 days written notice.
  • If an event is held where we will be on public roads you should have a slow moving vehicle sign on the back of your carriage (This is a LAW)
  • Judges decisions ARE FINAL!
  • Dogs at events MUST be on leashes AND under control if the event holder is allowing dogs at the event. (This will be a Farm specific rule).
  • Any disciplinary actions will be the Presidents jurisdiction.
  • REFUNDS: if an event is cancelled (including the rain date) all monies will be refunded. If the show goes on (Including the rain date and you can't make it), NO monies will be refunded.
  • ADS Rules (American Driving Society) will apply to this club. www.americandrivingsociety.org

Safety Rules

for Whips and Wheels Driving Club

  1. Never remove the driving bridle while the horse* is attached to the carriage*.
  2. The driver must be the first person to board the carriage and the last person to exit the carriage.
  3. The driver and passengers must be seated at all times while in the carriage, unless standing as navigator on the back of a marathon carriage especially intended for that purpose.
  4. Horses must be ridden or driven at a walk while navigating an activity site or congested area.
  5. No horse should be tied and left unattended while hitched to a carriage. Passengers should not sit in the carriage while tied.
  6. A rider or driver must ask permission to pass another vehicle or rider on trails. Passing should only be done in a safe area and at a slow pace.
  7. The Whips and Wheels Driving Club strongly suggests the use of safety helmets while riding or driving. Juniors 18-years-old or under must wear helmets while riding, driving or as a passenger in a carriage.
  8. All drivers must carry a whip while in the carriage.
 * For the purpose of these rules, "horse" is intended to mean any animal: horse, pony, donkey, miniature horse, or other animal being ridden or pulling a vehicle. "Carriage" refers to any vehicle pulled behind said animal.


The Whips and Wheels Driving Club encourages anyone to volunteer to host a club sponsored event. The following guidelines will be used to assist you in planning your event.

·         Host selects a scheduled date from the WWDC calendar.

o   If the selected date is not on the current WWDC calendar, the host will contact the WWDC President to discuss the details of the planned event, date availability and insurance coverage.

·         Host will notify WWDC President of their desire to serve as an event Host along with details of the event (location, start/ending time, type of event, etc.).

o   WWDC President will be responsible for notifying Officers/BOD of event details and Host. The Officers/BOD will have final authority to approve/disapprove an event.

o   WWDC President will verify that insurance requirements are met.

·         Host will provide event details/flyer to WWDC Secretary. Event details will be published on WWDC Web Site, newsletter and on FB page.

·         Host will be responsible for planning activities, soliciting volunteers, securing awards, etc.

o   WWDC Officers and Board of Directors are available to assist Host with planning the details of their event.

·         At the completion of the event, the Host will submit their receipts to the WWDC Treasurer for reimbursement of their expenses.  Any profit from the event will be deposited in WWDC account.

Please feel free to contact any of the WWDC Officers or Board of Directors to assist you with planning your activity, answering your questions or offering suggestions. Our goal is to make each WWDC event a success.