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Our Mission

A driving club whose main goal is to have FUN and not be competition oriented, using games and obstacles along with trail drives to help newcomers learn safety, handling, maintenance of equipment etc. You don't have to have a fancy show rig or harness to be a part of our group. As long as it is safe any kind of cart/carriage is welcome as is any pony, mini, horse, mule or donkey.

Riders are more than welcome to join us and to attend our events and meetings. We encourage riders and saddle horses to get accustomed to the carriages and be safe. 

We try to have some kind of event each month and our meetings will be held at the events. We have a good mix of experienced drivers & horses who have been showing competitively for a long time to help us and lots of novice people and green horses eager to learn. Check out our Photo Gallery to see how much fun we are having. 

We would love to have you join us and have FUN DRIVING! You can also check us out on Face Book where you can RSVP to our events!

*Regardless of the event being held, visitors and spectators are ALWAYS welcome. Please come and check us out!*  

Check out our Face Book page!


A small group of about about 8 people decided there was a need for a "Fun" driving club in the central NC area back in late 2004 and started working towards it's creation. We wanted the club to be FUN not competitive, we wanted to help new drivers learn how to drive and be safe. As word spread more people got involved with it's creation and our first driving event came to fruition on November 12th, 2005 at Paradox Farm in Mocksville, NC with 7 drivers and a pretty good turnout of spectators. After this event we had about 30 people involved. On January 7th, 2006 we held our second event at T. L. C. Farm in Advance, NC with a turn out of 15 drivers and had a total of 55 people at the event, some coming all the way from SC! We chose our name and elected Officers at the January meeting. We have been having FUN ever since!