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May 2019

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President’s Letter

(First Saturday drive) May 4th Faith Bradshaw traded her draft for a pony ( Jack ) and had a good few goes in the cones as did everyone, we had Kathy, Nancy, Faith, Claudia, Meredith and Jerry Russo, we’re out for fun in the sun , we were lucky as the weather was beautiful and the rain held off for us to have fun then everyone’s got ready for tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo party at Kathy Batchelor‘s house on the lake.
We had over 20 people show up at the lake to enjoy the margaritas and good company and a little cruise on the water for a few. Hopefully next year the weather will be even better as we can take the kayaks out and have a good time.


By Faith Bradshaw

After trying to fit 3 ponies, two carriages golf cart and all harness etc and a camper with only two trucks something had to stay home. There was no room no matter how we tried to configure it, the golf cart was not to go.  All was to work out fine as we rented one to check the marathon course.

On Friday they had a practice CT (dressage and cones) which was a great warm up for Saturdays Dressage and Cones Then on Sunday we did the marathon .

The weather was nice Thursday and Friday but Sat and Sunday was hot. Margaritas were the drink of choice for the weekend as we needed something to cool us down.

In the end Nancy and her pair won the single pony pair and I with great help from Jack the small pony won small pony class. Nancy also received a ribbon from England  for driving Mountain or Moorland Ponies.

Windridge Horse Show is very relaxed and beginner friendly.

The JOY of owning horses!

We just spent all day Thursday through Easter Sunday putting in 8' T-posts around the front & side perimeter of our property since Precious got out AGAIN Thursday morning! This is the 2nd time she has escaped within a month. The fence is now about 80" tall! Do YA think this MIGHT keep her in… especially after we get it electrified?

We also plan on putting in taller T-posts between our property and the neighbors since we are constantly finding her on that side of the fence in the mornings even though the gate between our properties is SHUT! I think she might be in the wrong sport, instead of carriage driving she should be a jumper! Antonio & friend came over Friday 5/3/2019 to help us put a telephone pole in the ground for the end of the fence line between us and our neighbor, but the fence is basically complete except for the electric to be working.

OK Fence is up 5/4/2019 our doorbell rings first thing this morning…gets us out of bed….”Do you have a black horse? There are 2 horses in our back yard across the street in the development!” His wife was keeping them occupied with carrots. Here we go checking fence lines again. THIS time there is a HUGE hole in the fence on our neighbor’s side and wouldn’t you know it is amidst a VERY LARGE patch of poison Ivy. It is now 4:00 Saturday afternoon, I THINK we have the problem(s) solved, at least I sure hope we do. I sure hope I got any/all of the poison ivy washed off with the Tecnu scrub.

Monday, Memorial Day. The black witch was out AGAIN this morning! The only good thing was Fancy was still in the pasture so Precious would not stray too far from her. We cannot find any of the fence down, she cannot possibly have jumped the new fence and the neighbors pasture was closed to them last night. Guess we really have to get the electric working and shut them in the round pen/barn at night.