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ANNOUNCING a new way to get some more driving in! Beginning in February and thereafter on the first Saturday of the month, there will be an informal drive at Paradox Farm. Driving will begin at 11:00am, do not arrive at 11, but Drive at 11!  When the weather gets warmer we will drive earlier. Kathy Batchelor will host, will most likely set up some cones or hazards to practice if desired, or you can trail drive if you want, or all of the above.Polly has volunteered to help with dressage when she can.

1. You will need to sign a Paradox liability waiver
2. You must carry your own health insurance
3. This is not a club function and there is no charge
4. Bring a smile, water, and lunch if you would like or the group may elect to go out to eat after the drive
5. Do Kathy the kind favor of calling if you are coming so that she can plan, let you know where to park, and let you know if the drive is cancelled! 803-646-9993

June 2018

President’s Letter

Well Christmas is 6 months away. Better start shopping.

I wish to thank everybody who showed up for our breakfast drive, we had about 20 people including some new members. A big thank you to Tommy and Jim for doing the cooking. We all had a great time.  I also wish to thank the members who helped clean up and put tables etc away. And lastly a big thank you to Nancy for the uses of her farm.

With half the year gone I would like to inform the club that I wish not to be President next year so please be thinking of someone to take my place. As you know I have some new horses and I wish to spend more time with them and come to events to play with them .

Next month July is our picnic event so please be thinking what goodies you will be bringing. Remember to tell Tricia what food you are bringing so she can note it on the web page so we don't have duplicates.  

Stay cool.

Breakfast Drive

June 16th. Gates opened at 6:30 am for our annual breakfast drive. Faith had a scavenger hunt set up for us. She didn’t tell us how many stops there would be, just go out and drive/ride. Jeff & I came back with 6 items and Woody & Charlotte had 5. Faith said we did not get them all. Bev didn’t do the scavenger hunt but did drive around. Marilyn, Laura & Charlotte rode.

After a bit of trouble getting the grill started Tommy commenced cooking bacon. Turns out our grill has holes all around the outside so it was VERY hard to try to cook Scrambled eggs. Faith’s electric griddle worked a bit better….. Of course we had plenty of good food and company. We had around 19-20 people.

Woody had a bit of truck trouble just as he arrived but help was on the way with a new part before we left.

We started early to avoid the heat but we actually had pretty good weather. We had some fog roll in just as we were returning from the drive but it cleared off and towards the very end when we were cleaning up it started to get humid.

Thank you Nancy, Faith & Antonio for setting everything up and to Tommy & Jim as our Master Chef’s.

Next month is our picnic at Marilyn & Jay’s house 107 Davie Farm Trail, Mocksville. Everyone brings something, I will post on web site what people are bringing.

NOTE: As per Faith’s wish to retire as President, anyone wishing to run for an office is welcome to send me their names so we can make a slate of officers to present November/December.. You have to have been a club member for  a year to be eligible to run for office.

From Faith:

We are going to have a silent auction at the picnic this year so please look around your house for any items you can donate. Your junk is someones treasure. We will use the money for a lunch at one of the up coming drives.Bring your wallets in case you see something you just can't live without.