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ANNOUNCING a new way to get some more driving in! Beginning in February and thereafter on the first Saturday of the month, there will be an informal drive at Paradox Farm. Driving will begin at 11:00am, do not arrive at 11, but Drive at 11!  When the weather gets warmer we will drive earlier. Kathy Batchelor will host, will most likely set up some cones or hazards to practice if desired, or you can trail drive if you want, or all of the above.Polly has volunteered to help with dressage when she can.

1. You will need to sign a Paradox liability waiver
2. You must carry your own health insurance
3. This is not a club function and there is no charge
4. Bring a smile, water, and lunch if you would like or the group may elect to go out to eat after the drive
5. Do Kathy the kind favor of calling if you are coming so that she can plan, let you know where to park, and let you know if the drive is cancelled! 803-646-9993

April 2018

Welcome New Members:

Michele Nolte

211 Clifton Nixon Lane

State Road, NC 28676




President’s Letter

Our 4H event was a great success due to the overwhelming turnout of our members. Thanks to everyone and especially Bev and Tommy. Well done.

May 5th will be our event for May in conjunction with Kathy’s play day. Hoping for good weather but right now they are calling for rain so will keep you posted.

Also remember the breakfast drive June 16th. You need to let us know what you are planning on bringing please.

See ya soon!

WWDC 4-H Clinic

After all the rain it finally cleared up for our clinic on April 28th. It was a fantastic day I hated we couldn’t get out trailer out with the ground so slick where our trailer was parked. We had a super turnout I think the count was 52 people total & 23 of those were WWDC members! Eeveryone seemed to be really interested  in all the different minis-through horses and all the harnessing for each. Some of the kids got to drive (with supervision of course) and others ground drove some of the ponies.

After a scrumptious lunch provided by Bev, equines were hitched up and demonstrated driving a cones course. After that we meandered down to the water hazard/bridge then you REALLY heard some squeals of fun & excitement! The water was pretty deep and EVERYONE got wet! There were way too many pictures to put in the newsletter.  I took about 74, but can’t figure out how to post them but Marilyn & Justina posted at least 112 pics on the WWDC Facebook page. Check them out.


Thank you Tommy & Bev for putting this program together and to Tommy & Karen for letting us enjoy your farm.


From Kathy Batchelor and the carriage Companions

Our dates for getting together at Mullett Hall on John's Island, SC in the fall are asset for Oct 31st thru Nov 11. This starts on Halloween, has the Festival on the 3rd, and runs thru the 11th. You are welcome to come for any or all of the dates. If you decide to come for the Festival which would run Friday the 2nd thru Sunday the 4th then you need to call 843-795-4386 and register with the Parks. This includes a camp site, stall with 1 bag of shavings, entry into the Festival, and a dinner Sat night. The cost for this is sixty dollars per person. For any dates before the 2nd and any dates after the 4th you need to contact Donna to reserve. Phone for the Donna is 843-324-1133. Camp sites are on 1st come basis so you might want to make reservations early. We had a nice group for spring and expect even more with Festival going on.


NOTE: the next newsletter will be either early (before May 22nd) or late coming out since we will be in Alaska until June 2nd. So if you want to put anything in the next newsletter PLEASE get it to me BEFORE May18th!



Just a little reminder we are have a Pleasure Drive at Foxbrier Farm in Laurens, SC  May 5-6th for the Carolina Carriage Club....all members are invited...drivers and riders.

Come enjoy the trails at your leisure.  We will have a 2 mile easy loop and a 7.5 mile more challenging loop. All trails will be marked clearly and no shoes needed. 
Janelle Marshall Clinic will be going on at the same time and auditors are welcome for free (May 5-6th): 

Everyone is encouraged to bring lunch and enjoy the picnic shelter by the lake.
Contact me if you want a lesson with Janelle, need directions or have any questions! 

Thank you!
Carol Ann