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January 2019

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President’s Letter

My first job as president, I want to thank Faith very much for her hard work and countless hours as president of Whips and Wheels Driving Club, and I hope to take on the job (and with Faith’s assistance) continue to set up a venue of fun driving for our club. I hope that we can encourage new drivers to join us in our activities that we have enjoyed with our horses and fellow club members. I would like to put on some clinics and events that will be for everyone on all levels to enjoy driving even more.

We will have a board meeting on the February 7th, and at that time we will finalize a little bit more about what we’re going to do. We possibly will be putting a derby league together and some clinics, trail rides, and camping trips etc. for everyone to enjoy. I got a chance to speak with Tommy a little bit about the 4-H kids and we are going to get together and try and encourage some of these young people to join us on our Saturday events and some clinics that will be organized. 

We are looking forward to our Mullet Hall camping trip which should have 30 to 40 people showing up throughout the two-week period of time. I know all of these people and they are a good group of carriage driving friends. In addition to Mullet Hall, we will organize some other drives in Southern Pines, N.C., and Aiken, S.C. Please let me know of any ideas you have for driving venues as we will still be looking for other locations to have drives. Also, we will be going to Blowing Rock, N.C. which will be in August.

In May we will be having a Cinco de Mayo party on High Rock Lake at our house, and we would like to invite all of the Whips and Wheels Club Members to join us for barbecue, fun, and sun by the water. Bring a fishing pole too!

Please keep me informed of any new ideas, and anyway to make our existing events better if need be. 

I look forward to seeing you all at our next outing!


REMEMBER 2019 Dues are DUE!

Welcome New Members:

Don & Judy Hayes       

1961 S. Skare Road Chana, IL 61015

815-761-2757     dnjdyhys@gmail.com

815-761-6120 (Judy)


Solitaire Kelly

Paradox Farm  

1949 Burlington Ave N. 

St. Pete, FL 33713 727-432-0817 smkelly@usfp.edu

General Meeting

Sagebrush Mocksville, 1/20th, 2019

Meeting called to order by faith at 2:26pm with 17 in attendance.

Faith welcomed all and gave a special Thanks to me as Secretary/Treasurer for all the years I have served.

We presented the slate of officers and asked if there were any nominations from the floor. (There were none) Pat made a motion to accept the officers as presented Polly seconded and unanimously accepted. Here are your officers for 2019-2020:

President Kathy Batchelor,

Vice President Bev Duval,

Secretary/Treasurer Tricia Hardy.

Permanent Directors Nancy Faller & Tommy Cope (who says he is on sabbatical!)

Directors Jeff Hardy, Woody Woodall, Marilyn Colvin & Pat Hauser

Past President Faith Bradshaw.

Faith then turned the meeting over to Kathy.

Kathy presented Faith with a lovely bouquet of flowers for her service as President.

Kathy would like to try to see new faces, speaking of which Welcome to: Solitaire Kelly from Florida and Don & Judith Hayes from IL. (I will attach an updated Membership list with this newsletter). She would like to see more communication and LOVE to hear new ideas for events.

She went over the list of events already scheduled for this year:

February 16th, 2019 Valentine Drive Faith to host

March 16th Tricia to host an event (St Patty’s with the usual GREEN pea soup made from our Xmas ham. Any extra supplied by attendees)

Also we are going to try to arrange a FREE Clinic with the money raised at our Silent Auction at the Picnic at Marilyn’s this past July. We would like to do this BEFORE the show season starts.

April 13th Tommy to host another 4-H event with Bev (we hope) at TLC Farm (Easter is April 21st)

May 18th Polly will host a Trivia Drive

June 15th our Breakfast Drive at Paradox

July 20th Picnic at Marilyn & Jays (no horses)

August we might try to go to Blowing Rock again

September & October the Board is going to meet Feb 7th at Mad Ceramics to iron out details for a Derby/League which would run for 6 weekends. You would have to attend any 4 to be eligible for any prizes we might decide to give. Also try to plan the Clinic with the Auction $.

November? Pat Hauser? Rivertrail Farm

December 1st Christmas Party/Dirty Santa (1st Sunday of the month)

Jan 1st 2020 New Year’s Day Hors d’ Oeuvre Drive

Jan ??? 2020 General Meeting usually at the Sagebrush in Mocksville 2:00pm Back room.

(Note we missed talking about the March event which I will handle)

Possible Clinic with Money from Picnic/Silent Auction: We are going to see if we can arrange for Amy Neary to come for a day or the weekend to do a clinic before the show season starts. This clinic will be FREE to our members. We will set up a schedule of times for each person/group. If you are NOT READY to go at your time slot, the next person/group will move into that time slot. Therefore you MUST be READY to GO at your posted time or you will lose it.

Some of our group is planning to go to Mullet Hall for a few days up to 2 weeks? There was confusion as to the actual dates but I think it was decided leaving from Paradox Feb 28- through March 4th. Kathy has details about camping & Stabling.

Treasurers’ report: We have a balance of $2,522.56 as of 1/16/2019 There was/is a full report available if anyone wanted to see it.

At 2:51 we postponed the meeting to eat then resumed at 3:18pm

The Board will meet at Mad Ceramics Thursday Feb 7th at 6:00pm

February’s 1st Saturday drive will be a FREE drive and unmarked cones course at Paradox. Gates open at 11:00am

Other 1st Saturday ideas Kathy spoke of are a Gator’s Clinic, a “Do Over” dressage clinic & cones coaching clinic. Kathy plans to speak to Bev about getting the 4-Hers to help with some of these clinics.

Meeting adjourned at 3:29pm